Justkul due diligence

Justkul's due diligence projects help you make sound investment decisions, whether you are a private equity company, or a Fortune 500 company evaluating a potential merger or acquisition. Our projects incorporate a variety of tools including online surveys, telephone interviews, online focus groups, secondary research, and social media data mining.

The goal of all our research projects is to provide real insight. For Justkul, 'insight' means not only how customers rank a company on a scale of one to ten, but also going deeper to understand the specific factors that can lead to growth. We do not perform research mechanically, but approach projects self-reflectively, realigning our methodologies to bring you the insights and perspective you need as if we ourselves were potentially investing in the company.

Our due diligence projects offer several convenient features for investors:

  • We strive to know what really matters: Our analysts know how to remove the wheat from the chaff and not waste your time with unnecessary details.
  • You get the data you need: Outputs of projects include an executive summary and we provide the complete coded data set so you can perform your own analysis.
  • Our projects have a simple modular pricing model: You know what a project will cost before it begins, and 90% of our due diligence projects require no additional expenses. Our due diligence projects generally fall under three general types, as outlined below.

Customer Perspective Project

The goal of our customer perspective project is to provide a broad range of insights into a company, its customers, the market context, and future prospects for the industry so you can make a data-driven go/no-go decision. Typical parameters for such a project are:

  • Primary tool: surveys to answer and test key investment hypotheses.
  • Secondary tools: follow-up telephone interviews with opt-in participants, secondary research, social media data mining.
  • Time frame: 2-3 weeks.
  • Typical results: 100 to 300 proofed and coded responses
  • Deliverables: complete proofed and coded data set and a short executive summary of the results.

Time frame, results and the tools we use may vary due to the difficulty of reaching certain audiences.

Quick Investigation

A quick investigation is ideal for an early stage in the investment process when you are not yet ready to commit to a full project budget, but still need limited survey or telephone feedback on a set of initial hypotheses. These projects serve as a good early check to determine whether an opportunity is worth pursuing further. Typical project parameters are:

  • Primary tool: surveys or telephone interviews.
  • Secondary tools: secondary research, social media data mining.
  • Time frame: 1-2 weeks.
  • Typical results: 10 to 50 responses.
  • Deliverables: complete proofed and coded data set and a short executive summary of the results.

Time frame, results and the tools we use may vary due to the difficulty of reaching certain audiences.

Other Types of Projects

In addition to our typical customer research projects, we are also happy to develop strategies using other research techniques. For instance, we have visited hundreds of stores to determine how a company's pricing compared to that of its competitors, we have made systematic reviews of websites and store SKUs to develop a theory of a competitor's sales focus, or used secondary research and literature reviews to determine best practices within given market areas. We are smart and creative, so if you have a question, we will figure out a way to answer it.

We know the importance of discretion, anonymity and confidentiality, and are accustomed to working with complex legal and financial teams. If you are part of a PE firm and are wondering how your firm can use our customer due diligence research as part of a deal, see our blog post on how private equity firms have used our research or set up a time to talk with us, either through the "contact us" button in the header above, or through one of the channels on our contact page below.